The iPhone 14 camera has a problem, how does Apple solve it?

As the time for the introduction of the iPhone 14 approaches, usually in September, more and more information regarding the next generation of iPhones emerges.

Last week, there were reports that two hardware components of the iPhone 14 and 14 Max, memory and control panel, had supply problems, but this has now been fixed.

However, in the latest report released by researcher Ming-chi Kuo, Apple is having difficulty ensuring the supply of camera modules for the next iPhones. Specifically, the rear camera lenses provided by Genius in particular are experiencing quality problems due to the "coating crack" problem.

Mr. Kuo assessed that the problems are not likely to hinder joint production. In the immediate future, another camera supplier, Largan, will step in to fill the void. Even so, it will take “1-2 months” for Genius to resolve the issue and resume production as usual.

Even in the event that Genius fails to solve the problem, Mr. Kuo thinks Largan is theoretically capable of handling the supply. Overall, the supply chain remains relatively stable. This is good news for those who are looking forward to buying the new iPhone 14.

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