This is the new "weapon" of many mid-range 5G smartphones

On November 22, Qualcomm quietly announced the new Snapdragon 782G chip, which will be integrated in many upcoming mid-range phones.

Specifically, on its product page, Qualcomm made an announcement about the latest SoC – Snapdragon 782G. The new chip brings improvements to the CPU, boosting performance from 2.5GHz to 2.7GHz compared to its predecessor. In addition to the 5% improvement in CPU performance, Qualcomm claims the GPU speed will be 10% faster than the Snapdragon 778G Plus.

This is the new "weapon" of many mid-range 5G smartphones - 1

Qualcomm has just introduced the new Snapdragon 782G chip.

Although the new SoC offers better performance, it still has many similarities with the old SoC. Specifically, Snapdragon 782G is a 6nm chip with Kryo 670 and Adreno 642L processor, just like Snapdragon 778G Plus. So the improvements are not so drastic.

In the post, Qualcomm highlights some of the benefits that will come from this new chip. Upgrades include: amplified performance, improved Artificial Intelligence - AI, simultaneous shooting from three cameras with up to 2 gigapixels per second processing, and support for mmWave 5G connectivity and Sub-6 GHz.

This is the new "weapon" of many mid-range 5G smartphones - 2

Snapdragon 782G chip will be integrated on mid -range 5G smartphones .

And yet, Qualcomm also mentioned some notable features of the chip such as the ability to record HDR10+ video with more than 1 billion colors, Bluetooth 5.2 audio and 120 FPS continuous shooting.

Currently, it is not known which chip will appear first on mid-range 5G phones. Most likely, the chip will be on the Honor 80, which is scheduled to launch on November 23.

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